POP Sleeping Bag

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Whether you’re island hopping around the globe on a SUP excursion, trekking down to a local standup paddleboard spot, or just storing your paddleboard after an epic day on the water—the POP Sleeping Bag will keep your board clean, cozy, and ready for the next adventure. Weather proof insulation will protect your boards from dents, dings, scratches, and warping and cushioned weave straps make it almost too easy to haul your gear from one place to another. A half-zip design makes loading and unloading your board easy, and an added storage pocket offers a safe place to store your fin keys and valuables. To top it all off, we added a red “fragile” badge warns the TSA to not get too frisky with your gear. It’s well known that paddleboards receive more dings out of the water than in the water.  Made for the best of days and the worst, the POP Sleeping Bag is a rider’s insurance and your board’s best friend.